2023: The Year of AI

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In 20 years you can tell your kids that you lived through the “Year of AI.” At least that’s what we think. Who really knows. But A LOT happened this year so here’s to a recap of the hottest year in Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s dig in.

2023 – Artificial Intelligence – So Hot

From Deepfakes of the Pope to a brand new Beatles song, AI has left a lasting impact on 2023 that will only build momentum as we move through the coming years.

Here are some of our favorite moments of AI advancements this year:

Even though ChatGPT officially launched in late 2022, the heat turned on in 2023.

Bing, Bard, and all the other chatbot competitors quickly followed.

Prominent tech leaders sound the alarm on AI

Hollywood goes head-to-head with AI

AI threatens mundane jobs

Corporations launch upskilling courses in response to job threats

Industries are disrupted and advanced

Biden-Harris administration releases legislation for AI

AI made it to full self-driving capabilities in autonomous vehicles

The EU launched its own artificial intelligence act

The year’s not quite over yet but if anything bigger happens than any of the above, we’ll be sure to report it here!

Sweet Reads

Improve your Life-Hacks

ChatGPT – Straight up!

Remember ChatGPT…. the one who started it all? Well, this is an official reminder to not sleep on using this OG tool for sooooo many things. We had to call this out because we received a genius and hilarious use case from one of our readers this past week that was too good (and practical) not to share….

“I’ve been using it (ChatGPT) to write notes from our Elf on the Shelf to the kids. They leave questions for the elves every night, so I just input the letters and it takes it from there. Then I throw it into a doc, put some comic sans font on it, print, roll it into a scroll, and put a damn ribbon on it” 🤣 

Thanks, Cmatz for your reminder that even the most basic of tasks can use a little optimization. Also, strong parenting move!

We could use a little hand here…..