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The unknown aspects of AI drive some of the fear and uncertainty around the topic. Can I trust it? What will it know about me? Can it serve me ice cream? (Yes please!)

Will it take my job? (This is a spicy one) Today we start our AI Industry Series. In the coming weeks, we’re going to cover how we believe AI could impact a multitude of different industries and professions.

Here’s What We’ll Cover Today:

AI in Education

AI in Real Estate

What to do right now

Let’s dig in.


While it might be years from now before you try to give your robotic teacher an apple on the first day of school, there are ways that AI tools can make educating our future leaders much more efficient.

A simple search on Facebook and you can find groups of educators discussing how to use ChatGPT in the classroom. Hot topics are:

Creating lesson plans

Language translation

Checking papers for grammatical errors

Creating presentations

It’s less of a disruption or a displacement of the role of a teacher and more of a supplemental tool to make their lives easier. (And teachers don’t make sh*t so we’re all for them having to do less work)

A bit more advanced use cases could look like:

Learning analytics – AI analyzes student performance data to discover patterns and trends to enable data-driven decisions.

Automated grading – AI algorithms can automate the grading process saving time and providing quick feedback to students.

Virtual assistants – AI-powered VAs answer student queries, provide educational support, and assist in admin tasks.

Real Estate

Imagine a world where you put on your new virtual reality goggles and “walk” room to room while an AI voice describes all the features of the house and you can ask any question you want. “Virtual AI-assisted tours.”

Industries heavy with manual, human-to-human dependencies will be ripe for disruption. Real estate is no exception. The key is to get ahead of the competition, offer these services before other brokers/agencies, and embrace what’s coming.

For agencies and brokers, AI will be employed to open up new opportunities for more efficient and effective work streams. Some examples are:

Use AI to analyze market conditions, prices, and other factors to better understand market trends and property values.

All of the many, many documents that require human oversight during a real estate transaction can be managed and processed automatically.

AI-based chatbots for 24-7 responses to real estate queries

Use predictive modeling to predict rental incomes, property prices, etc.

Agencies and brokers who adopt AI early will surpass their competition in customer experience and will lead the pack by taking a more data-driven approach to decision making.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re an educator, jump into the Facebook groups and learn how others are using AI tools to be more efficient with their work. Try using ChatGPT or Claude to create your next lesson plan.

If you’re a real estate agent, try one of the chatbots for writing your next listing, as these agents in Florida have done by embracing AI.

Looking for a new brokerage? These agencies are adopting AI and will no doubt stay at the forefront of the industry.

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