AI’s Got Talent

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Through the past several weeks, we’ve outlined tools and technology that get a lot of hype in the news like ChatGPT, and others that can be downright scary. For today, we want to explore what else is out there, and how you could use them for some pretty mind-blowing (and practical) stuff.

Before we start, below were the two criteria for our list:

Each one has a free option

Not designed specifically for coders or software engineers (we’re not trying to go there)

Alternatives to ChatGPT

Bard – Google’s take on a ChatGPT alternative. Given their massive stronghold on the search engine game, it’s no surprise that they have something to say about AI. A couple of notable things about Bard:

It provides you with multiple responses to each prompt. This is great for picking the one that best fits your needs, and then you can build on the chat from there.

The information is up to date because it has access to the internet, whereas ChatGPT does not. That’s right, ChatGPT’s trained model is only up to date as recent as 2021 🧐 

Claude – A ChatGPT alternative that also focuses highly on AI safety and security (we like that).

This chat tool is known for being able to interpret enormous amounts of data at lightning speed.

Got book club tomorrow and you still haven’t cracked that cover? Reach out to your buddy Claude to come in clutch!

Chatsonic – This is one of the newer tools on the market that claims to be “ChatGPT on steroids.” Even at first glance, you can tell that the site seems to be much more user-friendly.

One of the coolest features is being able to choose personas for your chat. For instance, do you want to chat with a math teacher, or would a comedian be better for this go around?

It can generate both text or images giving you a lot of options for putting together all kinds of material.

A couple just for fun:

Craiyon – Art generator

This tool is super easy and fun. I typed in “draw me a picture of a childsplayai” and this was what it gave me! That’s a vague ask, but thought it was a pretty cool picture!

Note to self…input the next random creation out of my 5yr old and see what we get 🤣 – Bedtime story generator

Been wanting to write your kid into a superhero story? Us too!!! You can use this tool for 7 days for free without inputting a credit card. That’s plenty of time to have a few things to impress your kid! 🦸 

In closing:

There are a ton of great tools out there and new ones popping up every day. Learning about the nuances of each could be helpful the next time you have writer’s block, decide to finally “get into art,” or just want to sound cool at a dinner party.

Please don’t forget…. NOT EVERYTHING ON THE INTERNET IS TRUE, so always make sure to fact-check things if you’re using AI for something important. Some fumbles on that in our Sweet Reads 👇️ 

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