What is Alluvium Game Crypto?

It is a game (open-world fantasy battle) crypto built on one of the most popular cryptocurrency blockchains: Ethereum.

It is considered the first triple-A Ethereum game. The main work of this game is to entertain hard-core DeFi and casual gamers through trading features and a range of collections.

In this game, the world is inhibited by alluvial, which can be captured through winning battles and bringing them back to good health.

After that, those creatures become a big part of the players’ life and are useful when dealing with and fighting other adventures, which is part of the game’s auto battler gameplay.

This crypto game is a fusion between the PVP battle game and an open-world exploration game. There is two option for players: building a powerful team full of beasts or exploring the game world expenses.

Since 2020, this game has been in the improvement stage and built by a more than 40 member team.

The developing team includes the co-founder and other experienced game designers. The ILV token is useful in the alluvium ecosystem in several ways.

This is the main and only token used for game governance participation, entitles players to the alluvium Vault shares, and rewards players using DAO (decentralized autonomous organization).

Blockchain games are not something new to many individuals. There are hundreds of blockchain games available which you can gain great deals of success.

Good examples of these games include Axie infinity, crypto kitties, and My Crypto Heroes.

However, I am going to talk about the game that deserves an AAA title: Alluvium.

This article will focus more on what is Alluvium cryptocurrency game is and how it works.

What makes alluvium different?

Alluvium has a 3D environment unlike other games, having more than 100 unique found evenly distributed in various regions.

Every individual in the game is designed by world-class artists who make sure that they appeal to players to offer big-budget retail games.

Above all, it boasts several features that make it different from other blockchain-powered games. Some features include:

1. The illuviDEX

This game named its DEX (built-in decentralized) exchange platform the illuviDEX. You can use this to exchange illuvium assets like illuvial NFT.

A fee of 5% is deducted after every sale and channeled into the rewarding system for stakers.

2. Layer-2intergration

Illuvium is built on (IMX) immutable X even though it is Ethereum-secured. This is a 2 layer solution necessary to scale up NFT app functionality.

Illuvium has made sure that players can trade and mint their NFTs with instant transaction finality and zero gas fees once Immutable X capabilities are leveraged.

3. Yield farming

A total of 30% of the maximum supply can be found in the yield farming program. All users contributing via different partners and liquidity will receive it with 3 years.

The working P illuvium Game

This game is more akin to a state-of-the-art video game despite it being a blockchain-based element.

You can download this game through a downloadable computer application.

As a player, you will roam the landscape fighting creatures and other participating players, taking part in daily challenges and quests and involving yourself in a communal storyline.

The collected alluvials have a set of features and characteristics, making them useful in their desirability, utility, and rarity.

Some additional attributes like attack speed, savagery, and attack damage help to know the combat strength.

What is Alluvium game Crypto?

  • It is an adventure game
  • It built on Ethereum
  • It deals with hunting and catching creatures

In a nutshell, alluvium has some similarities with other games, but it is designed purposely for traditional gamers who are inexperienced with NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Each alluvial is distinct and carries a unique characteristic that resembles its region.