5 Best Crypto Mining Game

Cryptocurrencies have expanded significantly over the years, becoming a truly distinct asset class.

There are numerous possibilities for spending or investing or in cryptocurrency, including the original cryptocurrency and other tokens and currencies that have arisen.

The ability to generate cryptocurrency is somehow limited, with most individuals opting for mining.

If you want to get some cryptocurrency in a different method, blockchain and cryptocurrency games may be a nice option for you.

There is a lot of overlap between gaming and cryptocurrency.

From games generating their cryptocurrency to crypto exchanges engaging in esports and games, and even cryptocurrency gambling on esports, there is something for everyone.

Even in the tiniest niches, both businesses are intimately intertwined.

You may now get crypto coins by playing games. There are numerous blockchain and bitcoin games available.

However, distinguishing between the legitimate and those that are not might be difficult. Below are the best crypto games available right now:

Alien Run

Alien Run earns a spot on this list of the top crypto games because of its unique gameplay style.

Similar to a traditional 2D sides scroller, you race through stages of level design in this game.

You can win a portion of a bitcoin for every five levels you finish. There are a lot of levels here as well, so you can make a lot of money as you continue.

Unlike the other titles, this one is more interesting and requires more active participation from you. If you don’t like tile-matching games or solitaire, this is the game for you.

The Crypto Planet

Other than a modest puzzler, Crypto Planet provides a bit more fun. It would be best if you explored mine crystals and a crypto planet in this blockchain game.

This, like other games, is dependent on you allowing time to pass.

You leave the miner running for several hours on a crystal before returning to harvest your crystals.

The more you mine crystals, the more storage chests you’ll be able to purchase. These are the items that can be purchased with bitcoin.

This blockchain game contains an in-game account where your currencies are held.

However, your cryptocurrency may be transferred to any other account.

Bitcoin Bounce works effectively since it includes various gameplay options and is quite versatile in terms of how you want to acquire your cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Solitaire

Bitcoin Solitaire is among the greatest crypto games since it mixes a popular phone game with earning bitcoin.

This is a regular solitaire game. However, the quicker you finish it, the more scores you receive.

You may then use Coinbase to convert these points into crypto. This is a fantastic game for mining cryptocurrency, and it distinguishes out from the pack as a result.

Bounce Bitcoin

Bitcoin Bounce is a bit different from the others on our list, but it contains a more straightforward approach for paying you with cryptocurrency.

Rather than providing you with a small amount of cryptocurrency every now and then, this app gives you a chance to collect tickets to join a cryptocurrency raffle at the finish of every day.

While this implies you may not receive any cryptocurrency as a reward, it may mean you receive more.

The game itself is a straightforward platformer in which you must collect as many tickets as you can while advancing from one platform to another.


Due to its simplicity, CryptoPop is among the greatest crypto gaming platform.

The game functions similarly to Candy Crush gameplay. You can get some cryptocurrency by popping the bubbles.

The more you continue poping, the more cryptocurrency you’ll get. The game is an entertaining enough puzzler, and you’ll be able to complete it without exerting too much effort.

The game will reward you out using Coinbase, which is currently one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Following this, you can easily transfer it to an account on another exchange.

This is a blockchain gaming that pays out in Popcoin and Ethereum, but they intend to extend to other major currencies such as Dash and Litecoin in the future.