What are the Best NFT Farming Games?

When you perform an activity on a platform and get a reward is all that NFT farming is about. The activity can be either video games or trading.

The virtual economy has been impacted after games went online. The impact is brought about when groups of players sell game currencies for real money.

An actual business opportunity of farming virtual gold has been developed with decentralized finance and the rise of blockchain technology

In the de DeFi sector, yield farming is also the same as NFT farming.

It comprises of getting certain commodities or in-game currencies that be traded for profit in the game world hence making players be active.

On the open market, you can sell the SLP tokens that you have earned after winning battles.

NFT Farming Games


The growing gaming market is capitalized to ensure that social gaming is enjoyed by the users while earning.

It features in the DeFi space hence an exceptional NFT yield farming platform. By combining the NFT, DeFi, and gaming, the user has the ultimate experience in the platform.

The infrastructures of MOBOX are unique because liquidity pools can be accessed in farming an NFT.

Generation of unique NFT’S and yield strategies to be used in different chains or games is ensured when there is access to liquidity pools.

How it works

The Binance smart chain can be used by the user to deposit coins. Compounding benefits is made easy and possible by smart contracts.

Other chains can be utilized once the pools are used by the user. More rewards are earned in chests with unique NFTS. To get an NFT, a player has to unlock a chest hence requires one key.

On the platform, you can stack your NFT’S automatically once you acquire them.

The Mbox which is the platform governance token is unlocked when NFT’s are stacked.

The user gets more rewards because unique NFTs have mining power. The higher the pay, the higher the mining power thus the higher level of uniqueness.


It is built on the Wanchain hence it is also a yield farming DApp. To make a profit and farming fun are the main aims of the game developers.

For higher APY rewards, the game gives the user a chance to farm WASP and ZOO tokens instantaneously.

NFTs are some leading changers that the Zookeeper users love about it apart from dual farming and APY.

So that the user can earn more rewards, the liquidity pool to be farmed is bound to the Zookeeper NFTs.

To reach a certain target, the liquidity pool can be locked by the user.

How it Works

Animal mascots are contained in different liquidity pools in a certain zoo. Although the dual rewards are not permanent, all pools give ZOO and WASP.

The Wanswap Liquidity Provider tokens are some obligations that the user needs so that their APY rewards are increased.

The Wanswap DApp award the token into one of the farming pairs in liquidity.

The pair you want to farm is accessed once you have the tokens. A maximum of 180 days is given to the user to select the locking period when a pair to be farmed is chosen.


NFT farming games are many that you can select from. All you need to do is select the best ones and which make you active. Below are some of the best NFT farming games you can choose;

  • Zookeeper

All you need to access the liquidity pools to yield and generate exceptional NFTs that you will use for different games and chains.

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