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ChatGPT took the world by storm earlier this year. Like 100M users in a matter of months. That’s crazy growth. It took Netflix years to get there. But what is it? And how can you use it in your daily lives and work?

Here’s What We’ll Cover Today:

What is ChatGPT in it’s most basic form?

How are companies and individuals using it?

What are prompts?

How to get started!

Some cool add-ons to think about

Let’s dig in…

So, what is it?

ChatGPT is a computer program, created by OpenAI, that can literally have a conversation with you in text format. Behind the scenes is a Language Learning Model (LLM), which is bucketed into a broader topic called Generative AI.

There are currently different versions (GPT-3, GPT-4) which basically means the newer versions are trained on newer, larger data sets.

For example, I asked GPT what the differences are between the two and it provided me a caveat in the response that GPT-3 was last updated in 2021, so the response is speculative regarding GPT-4.

Oh, and you gotta upgrade $$ for access to GPT-4.

How are people and companies using it?

When ChatGPT first launched all the buzz was how you could have a conversation about anything. Even tricking ChatGPT to have a conversation with itself. Fast forward to today and there are companies that are created using ChatGPT, and a whole network of use cases.

Chatbots – while they’re not new, with ChatGPT, they have way more functionality and data available

Sales and marketing teams are using ChatGPT to write content better and faster

Write code with ChatGPT 

Drafting and outlining blog posts

The use cases could really go on. Here’s a pretty exhaustive list.

Prompts for days

As usage soared with ChatGPT, so has creativity and its potential use. ChatGPT “experts” started creating lists of “prompts” or what we’ll call starter kits.

Prompts have made it easier for less tech-savvy folks to jump in without having to think. They’ve also opened up use cases for various professions:

ChatGPT for Teachers

“Create a lesson plan on renewable energy sources for high school students”

ChatGPT for Sales

“Create a personalized sales email for a potential customer for my company selling ”

ChatGPT for Lawyers

Generate a list of questions for opposing parties in discovery for [specific legal issue]. Please ensure the questions are clear and concise.

Get your prompt on with hundreds of prompt ideas for business.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Just a few clicks and you’re chatting it up with the world’s smartest LLM out there:

Create an account on OpenAI’s website

Once you’ve registered and logged in you’ll have access to the ChatGPT interface.

The interface provides you with some prompts to get started but we recommend you create your own for your first time!

Keep in mind you’re having a conversation. If you don’t like the first response, tell it. Tell it what you don’t like. It’s a conversation!

Tools for your Chats

AIPRM – A company that provides a free Chrome extension that shows up in your ChatGPT account with prompts and even ways to change to tone of the writing from ChatGPT.

ShareGPT – Chrome extension where you can share a link to your chats with one click.

ChatGPT for Gmail – ChatGPT chrome extension right in your inbox to help complete emails, subject lines, fix typos, etc.

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Improve your Life-Hacks:

Ready to remodel? 🏡 


Before you bust out the sledgehammer, check out RoomGPT

In this super simple (and free!) tool, you can take a picture of a room and choose between different themes to see what that room would look like remodeled. Even if you aren’t planning a new design, it’s pretty fun to check out.

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