Coinbase Pending, What Does It Mean?

Any inbound transactions that may show up in any account will within seconds start to show as ‘pending.

These will be until they have established ample network verifications.

Coinbase Transaction

Digital currency will determine the number of confirmations that are required.

Complete will appear on your screen in green once the transaction has been verified.

Once the transaction is complete, it will inform you that it can’t be reversed, and, the funds can only be withdrawn.

Communication with the rest of the network will happen through a digital currency in which Coinbase runs.

Once a transaction is initiated, it will be broadcast to the rest of the network through its digital currency to be confirmed.

Loss of sync with the rest of the network may happen for short periods causing transactions to remain in the state of being ‘pending’ for long periods than expected.

In most cases, the delay will occur for an hour or so, but the transaction will eventually go through as usual.

In rare occurs the transaction may be declined by the network, and, therefore, the word ‘confirm’ will not appear on your screen.

What Are the Common Causes of Unconfirmed Transactions?

There are several causes of unconfirmed transactions and will be listed below.

  • If you offset a transaction that is of a very small amount with inadequate fees- a miner fee will be required for all bitcoin transactions so that it can be confirmed by the bitcoin network. It is therefore prudent to add a miner fee to make sure the transaction gets through. Your transaction will not be confirmed in case of any occurrence of insufficient funds.
  • If there is an occurrence of a double-spend of the same coin- Most backends systems are designed to prevent this, as under normal circumstances this should not occur that happen through Coinbase. If two transactions spend on the same coin only one of the transactions will be confirmed by the Coinbase network.
  • If you try to use any unconfirmed coins- The transaction will not occur if you try to spend coins that are pending in your account. The transaction is generated once the coins confirm.
  • If Coinbase is experiencing numerous volumes of transactions- In some occasions, there is an increment in the number of digital currency transacted globally. The Coinbase systems will generally block as there would be no space available to include a new transaction.

How Long Can Purchase or Deposit Take Complete?

Your funds will be made accessible by Coinbase systems as soon as all payments are verified.

Various payment service providers have teamed up with Coinbase in different geographic regions, so the timing will vary following your specific location and the payment method used.

For instance, in the US, the Coinbase system usually takes three to five business days.

All your transaction details will be showing the expected completion date of the said order.

Can I Cancel a Pending Cryptocurrency Transaction?

Coinbase has some features of digital currency protocols where it cannot allow transactions to be canceled or altered once the transaction has been initiated.

This specific feature makes most merchants accept digital currency transactions since there is no risk of chargebacks.

This means that you should be extremely careful as you try to conduct whichever transaction as it will not be undone once it has been initiated.

The only way a transaction can be reversed is by asking the recipient to refund.


The world today is trying to move to digital currency.

Sometimes governments and financial institutions have made policies that are not in favor of the average man.

Therefore understanding Coinbase transactions is vital as a move to this era.