Crypto Credit Card Comparison (Features, Pros, Cons, Fees & Which is best?)

The crypto world is evolving, leading to new products and trend launches.

One of the new crypto trends that is gaining a lot of popularity is crypto credit cards.

There is no difference between crypto credit cards and traditional credit cards.

The only difference with crypto credit cards is that you can earn rewards and use cryptocurrency to pay credit card bills instead of points.

Therefore, you can use a crypto credit card anywhere, provided credit cards are accepted.

Crypto credit cards offer seamless anonymous transactions but must comply with local laws and regulations and their parent company.

There are several crypto credit cards to choose from.
Therefore, it is essential to select the best one through analysis and research.

Critical factors include fees, rewarding structure, payment methods, exchange options, and associated pricing.
Below are some of the crypto credit cards you can choose from. Visa

This is the first crypto card that fits seamlessly into your life with many rewards.

You will get 100% back on your subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify.
The rewards you get depends mostly on the selection of card. Most cards offer a reward ranging from 3% to 5% CRO.


  • No ATM withdrawal fee
  • Compatible with more than 90 cryptocurrencies
  • The card is metal-made
  • Uses app


  • Credit: require none
  • Account minimum: $0 to $400000
  • Funding methods: crypto wallet
  • Rewards: CRO


  • No fees
  • Compatible with many crypto tables
  • Entertainment rewards


  • Limited consumer resources
  • Complicated new user platform
  • ust use crypto tokens


It was founded in 2012.
During the launch of the Coinbase Visa card, Coinbase was the leading cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase Visa works like other Visa cards, but it is only compatible with 9 cryptocurrencies.
It is accepted where other Visa cards are accepted.


  • Two-step verification security feature
  • Support mobile application
  • Support ATM withdrawal


  • Credit: very good
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Funding methods: crypto wallet
  • Rewards: XLM and BTC


  • Accepted same place as other Visa
  • Enhanced credit card security
  • Additional bookkeeping features


  • Compatible with only 9 crypto
  • High transaction cost
  • Requires a Coinbase account


Gemini is compatible with many cryptos and can earn rewards with more than 30 cryptocurrencies.

This credit exchange does not guarantee exchange even though no fees are charged on exchange.

Transaction fees range from 0.5% to 4% based on the card used.
Gemini card was created by MasterCard and uses WebBank hence allowing users to access MasterCard merchants.


  • Uses a convenient application
  • 24/7 customer support services
  • Unique, rewarding system


  • Credit: Excellent
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Funding methods: crypto wallet
  • Rewards: more than 30 cryptocurrencies


  • Available nationwide
  • It can be used where MasterCard is accepted
  • Multiple reward structure


  • No guaranteed exchanges
  • Currently waitlisted
  • Fees add ups


This card has no steep exchange fees on international spending power.

This great card is compatible with 150+ cryptocurrencies and accepted in 54 million+ outlets worldwide.


  • Uses WXT staked tokens
  • Uses Crypto back reward system
  • No fee for fiat to fiat
  • Owns an application


  • Credit: none required
  • Account minimum: $0
  • Funding methods: crypto wallet
  • Rewards: WRX
  • Annual fee: $0


  • Minimum fees
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin rewards


  • Native-token-based
  • Limited reward structure
  • Require Wirex WXT balance maintenance

Which is the best Crypto Credit Card

When selecting the right crypto credit card, I realized that each has different features and designs.

Therefore, it is important to consider several factors when choosing the right one.
These factors include:

  • Account linking
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Fiats
  • Rewards structure
  • Required stakes

Crypto Credit Card Comparison

Crypto credit cards come in different makes, designs, and features that include:

  • Visa
  • Coinbase
  • Gemini
  • Wirex

Therefore, ensure you know all of the above pros, cons, fees, and features of different crypto credit cards to make the right choice.