A list of Crypto mining Game Tokens

Cryptocurrencies are growing a lot in recent years and more people are starting to recognize this currency.

Between the original bitcoin and other tokens, there are so many crypto options that have come up.

Generating these cryptos can be a little difficult, and most people seem to be sticking with mining.

However, if you’re looking for a different way, you can try blockchain and crypto games.

Top Crypto Mining Games

At a time when the crypto market is undergoing such a global expansion, people are coming up with many ways of getting coins.

Apart from the usual cryptos, we have NFTs which are virtual representations of real-life games, songs, or paintings.

In this review I will also talk about NFT games and how you can mine some cryptos.

If you have an inclination towards gaming as well as cryptocurrency, you can enjoy the following titles:

1. Bitcoin Alien Run

It is a popular mobile bitcoin game that allows you to enjoy a 2D runner game as you earn some bitcoin in the process.

I particularly love this game because it has quite unique missions that reward you once you manage to complete them.

2. Cryptopop

This is one of the best crypto games because of its simplicity. The game works just like candy crush.

All you have to do is pop some bubbles and get some crypto.
The more you pop the bubbles, the more crypto you will be rewarded.

3. Bitcoin Solitaire

It’s also a popular crypto mobile game that a lot of people like playing.

This game works like the standard solitaire game but, the faster you complete it, the more points you’ll earn.

Then, you transfer these points into crypto via Coinbase. As easy as that, and you will have mined your cryptocurrency.

4. Cryptoplanet

Cryptoplanet has more gameplay than other puzzler games. It lets you explore the crypto planet as you mine some crystals. It’s a great way of passing time.

All there is to be done is leave the digger running for some hours, and then return to collect crystals. The more crystals you will have mined, the more chests you will be able to buy.

The good thing is that Cryptoplanet has an in-game wallet that I use to store my coins.

5. Sorare

This is an NFT game that’s meant for soccer fans out there. It is a soccer fantasy game where you purchase, sell, and trade a virtual team.

The game represents you via digital cards that are built on the Ethereum blockchain. When creating the teams, you can either use Ether crypto or cash to participate in competitions.

6. Evolution Land

Evolution land is a new world game that has 26 continents that are contained by elements of fire, land, gold, water, silicon,e and wood.

You have to indulge yourself in mining, construction, and science.
For this game, you will have to create a crypto wallet to send, receive and manage cryptos from game rewards.

7. Delta Time

It is an Ethereum blockchain-based car racing game where you collect cars, drivers, trinkets, and components as tokens.

These tokens are small but divisible and you use them to make larger crypto amounts.

You can sell the game’s components as a whole or as Ether after conversion.

So, there you have it, a list of the best crypto mining games, and these are:

  • Bitcoin Alien Run
  • Cryptopop
  • Bitcoin Solitaire
  • Cryptoplanet
  • Sorare
  • Evolution Land
  • Delta Time

In conclusion, the Blockchain and NFT gaming sector are expected to grow along with the crypto industry, so expect more crypto mining games.