What Crypto Wallets Have No KYC?

The KYC laws and policies which have been applied to bitcoin exchanges have complicated the trading industry.

In practice, this implies that withdrawing cash from trade with KYC verification is generally more difficult and time-consuming than transferring funds to the exchange.

Customers are frequently required to present two or more forms of personal identification, and submitting these does not guarantee that they will be verified.

If you intend to withdraw out your crypto investment in the coming years or want to have your information private, this article is for you.

In this post, we will look at a list of the top cryptocurrency wallets with no KYC. With these crypto wallets with no KYC, you can gladly trade anytime you want.

Below are the crypto wallets with no KYC :

1. Binance

With over six million members, this relatively new Hong Kong-based platform has recently surpassed Bittrex as the world’s greatest crypto exchange, with a 24-hour trading activity of $4 billion.

Binance is directed by Changpeng Zhao. He is known for his dogged pursuit of advanced features such as the formation of the BNB (Binance Coin) token on the Ethereum platform to provide a 50% fee reduction, as well as a daily limit withdrawal of up to 2 Bitcoins worth of crypto for users who have completed basic verification.

To make the deal even more appealing, by suggesting new members to the site, Binance users can earn BNB tokens and other benefits.

There are two methods to get the Binance mobile application on your device right now.

You may either install it straight from the Application Store or use a browser to get the Binance iPhone to install the file.

2. ShapeShift

Shapeshift is different from the other exchanges in that it does not need you to establish an account to utilize it.

The firm that created it does not gather any personal information from its users.

The disadvantage of this privacy-first strategy is that ShapeShift will preserve all user assets until the affected user files a refund complaint within ninety days of the failed exchange.

ShapeShift can exchange Bitcoin and many other digital assets in real-time and at a low cost.

Choose one anonymous crypto exchange as the source and another one the output, enter your addresses, agree to the terms, and click the Start Trade Button after that.

ShapeShift’s mobile app offers the same features as the site but in a smaller package that fits in your pocket.

3. Changelly

Similar to ShapeShift, Changelly is an anonymous bitcoin exchange that enables rapid transfers between various currencies from one wallet to the other.

Changelly offers a low cost of only 0.5 %, and its dedication to protecting its users’ privacy is demonstrated by as it simply requires users to give an email address. In contrast, Changelly does not check if the address is valid.

Although Changelly does not have its own iPhone version, it is linked with the Stratis app.

You can purchase $STRAT within a few minutes with Changelly using your mobile device. $STRAT is a crypto token that powers the Stratis network and is freely exchanged as one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on open markets.

4. Bitcoin ATM

If you are fortunate enough to live in a nation where Cryptos are popular, Bitcoin ATMs may be the ideal way to convert your crypto assets without having to go through KYC, as long as you are willing to pay a somewhat high exchange fee.

The software is free and includes a detailed map of the ATMs from a range of organizations updated regularly.