What is Crypto zoom Game?

Crypto Zoom is a cryptocurrency that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The game is a popular new blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming environment that allows players to gather and battle.

In the game, you battle tiny critters known as ZOANs for a chance to win a range of prizes.

The game takes place in a cosmos where peaceful ZOANs have been assaulted by the Yaki, a resource-harvesting race of adversaries.

Therefore it’s up to the players to use their ZOAN collection to fight the Yaki and restore peace to the CryptoZoom universe.

How To Play Crypto Zoom

The Crypto Zoom game is similar to other crypto gaming platforms. However, unlike other games that require a team to begin, crypto zoom requires one monster to start playing.

These monsters can be found in the Crypto Zoom app’s shop or marketplace. For players to participate in the game, gamers connect their crypto wallet to the Crypto Zoom app.

In addition, these monsters come in a variety of rarities, ranging from rare 1 to rare 6.

Therefore the higher the monster’s rarity, the better the payout for the users. Furthermore, there are various ways to obtain high-rarity monsters, either through accident or purchase.

You can purchase the monster eggs from the shop even though the eggs can hatch different monster varieties. Another option is to purchase a monster with a high rarity directly from the marketplace.

In this situation, players can select their preferred rarity level of monster with just one click. The main drawback is that high-level monsters on the marketplace are usually quite expensive.

There are cases where the monsters may appear the same, but their NFT IDs are different. In such situations, gamers can differentiate between two otherwise identical zoon creatures.

Players can also take advantage of all of the game’s features by simply collecting one monster. In addition, the player can also choose the number of monsters they want.

Finally, gamers also can obtain additional goodies since the more monsters you have, the higher your chances of winning.


It’s one of the most talked-about aspects of the game that allows players to decide whether to participate. The game has a platform known as the pokemon.

This Crypto Zoom platform is inspired by a card game that uses the skills and levels of the card monster to play.

Each card monster in the game will have to fight CryptoZoom’s card monsters.

During each round, players must choose one of the four opponent cards with their card monster.

The higher the win rate percentage of the card, the greater the chances of winning.

In addition, for gamers to fight a monster in the Crypto Zoom platform, you must pay a certain fee. However, the winner receives a zoon token reward that goes into the player’s game wallet.

How To Earn The Crypto Zoom Token

Crypto Zoom game offers the easiest way of earning rewards. The common way to earn the awards is by fighting the enemy monster card and winning.

When you win, the reward is posted in the game wallet, where it cools down for five days before you can cash out. Players can still cash out before the five days are over.

The only drawback is that players will have to pay a substantial tax fine if they cash out within five days.


The Crypto Zoom game is a new cryptocurrency project. However, despite it being new in the industry, the network has already accomplished a great deal in a short period.

Therefore, if you wish to invest and earn through online networks, you should consider looking at Crypto Zoom. Here you will be sure that your investments will increase your net worth in the long run.