Crypto Mining Games Withdrawal

With world economies taking hits from the effects of covid-19 and play-to-earn games have grown in popularity in recent times.

It is a new and easy way to earn cash without much of a struggle and having to deal with long and tedious processes from financial institutions and the government.

More and more people are showing interest.

What is a Crypto mining Game?

Crypto mining game is a speed game that is between firms and individuals(miners) with the power to solve mathematical problems.
Miners should bring proof of finding a solution.

They should find a consensus among the bitcoin network.
It uses cryptocurrency information of bitcoins which enables miners to transfer property rights created in limited quality.

What is ‘CMG’?

‘CMG’ stands for checkmate gaming which is an Esports platform that enables its users to compete in different video games and are rewarded with real cash prizes.

The different types of mining games

1. Cash matches

Have some similarities with ladders, the main difference being cash matches stakes are involved.

You will need to pay an entry fee for every player.
The winning team will get back their entry fee and that of their opponents.

2. Tournaments

Have a scheduled time to start and have a bracket format as teams will be randomly matched to play against each other.

The loser of each match gets eliminated from the tournament.
The winner will advance to the next stage of the tournament.

3. XP matches

Are free to play.
The user’s rank on the ‘CMG’ will be determined by the XP.

When you win, rank rises on the ‘CMG’.
When you lose your, rank falls on the ‘CMG’.

Features of a crypto mining game account

1. You can add funds

Most mining games will have a button ‘add funds’ where you can add any amount to your account.

2. Purchase credits and packages

You can purchase credits with your CMG cash balance using your PayPal account.

3. Allows editing account information and game tags

You can go to the account settings under the preference tab.
You can change any of your account information, for instance, your email or password.

4. Allows withdrawal of money

Most mining games will have a profile picture you uploaded by clicking it, a popup window showing different options will appear.

By selecting my bank, you can withdraw your earnings with the minimal withdrawable amount being five dollars.

Withdrawals can have different durations of time.
Quick withdrawals take two hours.

Elite member withdrawals take twenty-four (24) to forty-eight hours (48).
Non-Elite withdrawals take forty-eight (48) to ninety-six hours (96).

5. Has two-factor authentication

It is the generation of a code once your password is in use.
The code is either sent to your phone or email.

Other features are

  • You can apply for refunds
  • You can get a financial ban
  • You can chancel a withdrawal
  • You can connect your account to your PayPal

Different Types of Crypto mining Games

Crypto- it is a blockchain game where you explore the crypto planet while you mine crystals.

– the digger runs a crystal for some time and comes to collect their crystals.

Meta verse – it is a blockchain mining game that entails a dual circulation ecosystem.

– it has new grades of NFT

– new synthesis system

Play to Earn Games

Players earn rewards in terms of money.
One of the most famous games was Axie Infinity.


It is one of the most popular and most secure bitcoin that has the top cryptocurrencies.


Many new crypto games are developing as a result of the cryptocurrency market joining the gaming market.

The monetized feature has been game-changing and has contributed to the growth of the game and NFT economy.