Where Can You Buy the Gary Vee NFT Book and Is It Any Good?

Gary Vaynerchuk, commonly known as Gary Vee, is not only a celebrated internet personality and speaker but also a highly-acclaimed entrepreneur and author.

In the recent past, Gary has ventured into the innovation of non-fungible tokens, simply referred to as NFT.

At age 46, the American-Belarusian owns several thriving businesses and has written some best-selling books.

Recently, his book “Twelve and a half” has been making the headlines. This book capitalizes on the potential of non-fungible tokens.

During the launch of “Twelve and a half”, Gary Vee shared some amazing news.

In exchange for buying a dozen copies of the book, he would issue out NFTs. However, the offer was within a limited duration.

All the same, it was a bonus to the nuggets shared in the book.

Where Can You Purchase the Book?

Speaking on my behalf and on behalf of everyone else who is a Gary Vee fan and also a business and finance enthusiast, I cannot wait to put my hands on the book.

Here are a couple of online stores where the book can be bought:

  1. Amazon – On this platform, the book is available in three different formats. Purchasing a single copy of the book on kindle, as a hardcover, or as an audio compact disk costs $14.99, $20.99, and $31.99 respectively. Buying on Amazing offers a grace period of around one month, within which the book is returnable.
  2. Booktopia – You can purchase the hardcopy, e-book, or audiobook here. The price for each of these formats on booktopia is $26.50, $16.99, and $27.99 respectively.
  3. HarperCollins publishers – Just like on the platform above, “Twelve and a half” is available as hard copy, e-book, and a digital audiobook at the HarperCollins publisher’s site. The price for each format is $23.99, $14.99, and $20.99 respectively.
  4. Harper Business – A hard copy costs $29.99, the e-book goes for $14.99, while the price of an audiobook is $20.99. 
  5. Target – The currently available format of this book on Target is the hardcover. The price is $20.99. Purchasing the book on Target allows you to choose between having it delivered of collecting it in Cedar Rapids South, the store used as their pick-up location.
  6. Waterstones – Now that the book has been published, its hardcopy can be purchased at the Waterstones platform at 20 Euros. You can pre-order and indicate the number of copies you would wish to buy.

It is quite incredible that the period between the book’s launch and the release date, “Twelve and a half” already became a best-seller. With the desire to receive NFTs, millions of the book’s copies were pre-ordered, especially by retailers.

Gary’s collection of NFT is a sensation that most people such as myself, want to be part of.

This collection is known as Veefriends and is closely tied to the Ethereum digital coins.

The collection was launched a while back but I was quite skeptical about joining in back then.

However, looking at it now, purchasing the “Twelve and a half” book in bulk was a chance for us to redeem ourselves and meet the cut to enjoy Gary’s NFT.

The fear of missing out has been the greatest force behind the massive purchase of the book.

Is The Book Worthwhile?

Yes. When you purchase the book, you will realize value for your money. At least, I am guaranteed that the book has very insightful tips that will be beneficial to me.

The book expounds on twelve vital emotional skills that are fundamental for one’s personal life.

The book further offers tricks on the ways to gain these skills and also blend them, for excellence in other aspects of our lives such as professionally and financially.

The book shows how hard skills should be paired with emotional intelligence, for optimized effectiveness.

Gary promises that purchasing the book is a valuable investment. If you buy and read the book, you will be equipped with comprehensive entrepreneurship knowledge.

If you bought at least a dozen copies of the book while the NFT offer was valid, you received NFTs. In addition to this, you have excess copies that you can donate and enhance the widespread reach of the book’s wisdom.

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