Generative AI comes for Google

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Some experts think that the days of search engines returning infinite links could be over and we’ll get the answers needed directly from A.I. Watch out Google…

Are architects the next big industry for A.I. to disrupt?

Let’s dig in.

Generative AI > traditional search?

Experts say the $100 billion search engine industry is up for grabs and Generative AI is raking its increasingly large hand across the table.

It wasn’t in the too-distant past that “google” became a verb. Whatever information we needed. Even completing our sentences – “what if I…” or “do I have…” 😬 

WSJ’s Tech Live conference hosted Michael Wolf, CEO of consulting firm, Active. Wolf states that as of today 13 million people start their search with generative AI and that that number could grow to more than 90 million by 2027. The reason? Generative AI can provide results with far greater precision and customization. And without all the infinite links to choose from.

It begs the question of how this affects the search industry as a whole and the most dominant player specifically. In 2022, 80% of Google’s revenue was from ads. $224.47B to be exact. That’s a lot of keesh. We certainly don’t expect Google to be left out of the AI race. They’re deep in generative AI already. Can all the challengers take some of the market share? We’d be fine with just one of those billions.

Other predictions from Wolf’s presentation:

Nearly all U.S. households will be able to access the internet through their televisions by 2027.

Spatial computing – the ability to interact with virtual imagery displayed without obstructing a user’s view of the world – won’t be limited to pricey virtual and augmented reality headsets.

It will be interesting to watch how this changes consumer behavior. Asking AI for restaurant recommendations, then allowing it to make a reservation on your behalf is in our future. Maybe you just shout it from the shower. Who knows!?


Architects the next at risk for AI displacement?

We’ve talked a lot about industry disruption due to AI but one that came on our radar recently was architects. Thomas Lane, an editor at Building out of the UK suggests that AI has the potential to automate up to 37% of the tasks typically carried out by architects and engineers. Makes you a little weary to take the elevator to the top floor right?

Images generated by Midjourney and similar AI systems have firms thinking about how much of this work could be automated. While it’s improbable that AI will fully replace architects in the near future, it does make us wonder if the overall landscape will change dramatically and will there be a need for fewer architects per firm. And how does this change the education system around this profession?

Some broad categories are being discussed that illustrate how AI can complement an architect’s work:

Design Options Based on Specific Criteria

AI algorithms can handle vast amounts of data and when equipped with the right tools have the potential to churn out an infinite amount of design choices.

Generative Design

AI can rapidly produce visual designs when given specific guidelines. Architects could use tools like Stable Diffusion to rapidly investigate different material choices and spatial designs.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

AI can help architects design energy-efficient and sustainable buildings by analyzing factors such as climate data, building orientation, materials, and energy consumption patterns.

Building Maintenance

AI tools can analyze video feeds and detect weaknesses in areas such as road conditions and the exteriors of buildings to enable early detection of required maintenance.

It seems like there’s a lot of opportunity in this space. We just hope they post a sign that says “Designed by AI” to enter at our own risk.

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