Hollywood Goes Full AI

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It didn’t take long for Hollywood to capitalize on the fear of robots taking over the world. And since they couldn’t get Denzel, they opted for his son.

And the Department of Energy is funding AI and machine learning research towards unlocking Fusion Energy. Yeah, we didn’t know what it meant either but it’s actually pretty wild.

Today’s lineup:

The Creator Movie

DOE and their $29M donation for Fusion Energy research

ChatGPT heads to the classroom

Let’s dig in.

Early on in the trailers for Hollywood’s latest “AI takes over the world” movie The Creator, the fear-mongering is aplenty – “We shouldn’t have let the AI out” – “The AI that was created to protect us dropped a bomb on Los Angeles” – “The AI is developing a super-weapon.”

But the timing of this movie? It was cast back in 2020 during the pandemic – so the writing, planning, and funding all happened either prior to or at that same time. But the release? Right on time to capitalize on the heat surrounding AI. Is Hollywood the AI sleeper using AI to predict when to release the latest AI movie about the AI that will kill us all? (sorry about all the AI)

The setting is a post-apocalyptic reality caused by the ruckus and irresponsible use of AI that was originally introduced for the protection of humankind. And guess what else? There are two opposing sides – one that supports and believes in the use of AI and one that opposes of course. Sound familiar?

The timing of the release is no accident and frankly, we’re excited to watch. But remember. It’s a movie. It’s fake. Don’t let the hype steer you into a world of fear.

Fusion Energy you say?

The Department of Energy announced $29M in funding research for machine learning and artificial intelligence for Fusion Energy Sciences. Yeah, we had the same question – what’s Fusion Energy? This Princeton physicist gives you the quick and dirty explanation but essentially it is the same source of energy the sun and certain types of stars provide.

Eloquently stated from the Fusion Energy Sciences (FES) homepage – “The pursuit of fusion energy embraces the challenge of bringing the energy-producing power of a star to earth for the benefit of humankind.” Hell yea.

Ok, so scientists are trying to replicate this type of energy down here on Earth. The outcome is sustainable energy for millions with literally zero carbon emissions to the atmosphere. So where does AI and machine learning fit into all of this?

Well, if you’re a Fusion Energy fanatic, you can read the 91-page report detailing the application process and guidelines for being a part of this research program. But to summarize from our reading – “Within fusion energy research, AI/ML impacts key research problems from applications requiring rapid processing of fusion data.” Basically, AI provides a unique way to rapidly process and access data to further advance this research.

We like this because it shows that our friends in the government are looking for ways to use AI for good and not just how to establish control over it. Go AI and go Science!

ChatGPT is going to school!

If your kids are worried about making new friends at school this year, not to fear, ChatGPT is here. (so cheesy right?)

Yes, you heard that correctly. Many school districts are reversing their ban on ChatGPT and coming to the conclusion that AI can be helpful and it might actually be prudent to let students learn how to use these tools the right way.

OpenAI (ChatGPT creator) released a guide for teachers to help them navigate a new normal and provide best practices such as prompts and ways to use ChatGPT with students.

Examples that have surfaced are:

Students use ChatGPT as a debate partner

Teachers use ChatGPT to build lesson plans and determine if it’s a challenging enough curriculum

Have students critique the chatbot’s answer

Cheating and plagiarism still remain a concern, but seeing large districts in NY and L.A. is a sign that further adoption and ban reversals are coming.

Students. Hot tip. Remove the first line “As an AI, I..” before turning in your assignment. You’re welcome.

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