How Much Is Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase wallet is free of charge. It is highly secure, easy to use, and compliant with the relevant government and financial rules and regulations.

This means you will incur no charges when you store your USD or any other cryptocurrency that the Coinbase wallet supports.

Furthermore, you will not be charged when transferring cryptocurrencies between Coinbase wallets.

How Much will I be Charged for Transactions of the Coinbase Wallet?

Coinbase will be responsible for paying charges incurred when transacting off its wallet platform, such as the transfer of cryptocurrency to other platforms.

If there are any changes, you will be notified of the fees charged before executing the transaction. 

Which Transactions will I be Charged by Coinbase Wallet?

A fee may be incurred when you convert, sell or buy cryptocurrencies. These charges are calculated when you make an order.

Some of the factors that may contribute to how much you will be charged include market volatility and liquidity, the size of your cryptocurrency order, and your preferred method of payment.

How much will I be Charged when Using my Coinbase Card?

When you spend your USDC, you will not be charged anything. However, transactions such as ATM withdrawals with other cryptocurrencies will incur a flat charge of 2.49%.

This is because Coinbase is facilitating the transactions of your cryptocurrencies. In addition to this flat charge, you may also incur ATM charges depending on your operator. 

Do I need a Coinbase Account?

You are not required to open a Coinbase account to use the Coinbase wallet. This is because the Coinbase Wallet is a separate app where you can custody or store your own crypto.

The app can be downloaded and used anywhere in the world. However, you may not be able to link your bank account or trade cryptocurrencies with the wallet.

Nonetheless, you can transfer crypto between your Coinbase wallet and Coinbase account by linking them together to have more options such as trading your assets.

Why are my Fees differing between Similar Transactions?

The fees charged will be shown before submitting your transaction. However, they may differ when making similar transactions depending on a number of factors such as the exchange rate.

When making a transaction such as selling your cryptocurrency or using the Trade to buy option, Coinbase will include a spread on the cost.

This is to lock the payment temporarily as you review the details of your transaction before executing it.

On the other hand, if you are using the Advanced Trade features, Coinbase will not include a spread since you are directly interacting with the order book. 

Is the Coinbase wallet Safe?

When choosing a crypto wallet, some of the main factors to consider are its ease of use, security, and legality.

Coinbase ticks all of these boxes and even goes a step further to reassure its customers of the security of the USD and cryptocurrencies.

It uses the latest security features and protocols to keep customers’ assets, data, and information safe.

Users are advised to use the 2-step verification feature on their accounts to add an extra layer of security to their Coinbase crypto wallet.

Furthermore, they have insurance that covers losses that may incur from theft or cybersecurity issues. This means you can rest easy and know your funds and cryptocurrencies are safe and secure.

Nonetheless, it will not be responsible when your account is accessed without your authorization.

This means you should be responsible for using strong and unique passwords to prevent unauthorized access to your account by hackers. 

The Coinbase wallet is free of charge crypto wallet, where customers can safely store, buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The wallet, which is available in more than 100 countries is secure and uses the latest security protocols to ensure you can safely store your crypto without worry.