How to Transfer Coinbase to Kraken?

Kraken is among the “largest” crypto exchange, and it’s probably the best option for individuals looking to swap Ethers and Bitcoins for altcoins, including EOS, Ripple, and others.

It’s also among the safest and most secure exchanges for buying and selling digital currency.

Coinbase is one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges and the gateway of choice for newcomers. Beginning with Btc can be risky, but Coinbase has shown to be a reliable system for novices repeatedly.

Every trading system is unique, and transferring from Coinbase – a relatively straightforward platform – to Kraken might be difficult.

Every trading system is unique, and transferring from Coinbase – a relatively straightforward platform – to Kraken might be difficult.

How to Move Bitcoin to Kraken from a Coinbase Account

If you have any Bitcoin in your Coinbase wallet, below are the procedures to follow and transfer Bitcoin from Coinbase to the Kraken platform.

1. Log in to your Coinbase and select “Accounts” from the Dashboard bar.

This will show on the bottom taskbar of Mobile Accounts, right next to “Home Menu.”

2. Choose which coin you would like to transfer from your wallets.

Select your wallet

3. Enter the address found in your Kraken account.

If you’re unsure where to find this address, log into your Kraken account and select “Funding” from the top right far end, next to “Trade.”

If you’re using the mobile mode, remember to press the paper airplane tab at the top-right edge of the screen and thereafter enter the amount you would want to send.

You won’t be able to send anything till you have provided your Kraken payment address. To confirm, tap once more. Following that, you must submit your Kraken Payment Address.

The destination/recipient/ box is the first section that will attract your attention when you begin filling out the request form on Coinbase.

When you arrive, keep in mind that this is where you will need to enter your wallet address, which is where you’ll receive your BTC from Coinbase.

After you’ve picked it, click or touch “Generate New Address” to obtain the “Deposit Address.”

4. The Username that was just produced is typed or entered in this stage.

In your Coinbase menu, look under “Recipient” for that area. Then you would select the amount you would like to transfer.

If you are on your phone, type in the address and press the send button. That’s all there is to it for you on a smartphone.

5. Last but not Least, Select “Continue” from the Drop-down Menu.

Make sure you double-check all of the transaction’s information, and if everything is fine, confirm the transfer.

Your crypto will be moved regularly to your Kraken account from your Coinbase account at this time.

However, keep in mind that you will have to wait for about 30-45 minutes for the process to complete, or a little longer if necessary.

From there, you can check both your Coinbase and Kraken account for transactions to ensure the transfer was completed correctly.

Following the above instructions will ensure that you have no problems carrying out this procedure, and you will find it to be straightforward, beneficial, and quick.

That’s How to Transfer Coinbase to Kraken.

Below are the simple steps to transfer Coinbase to Kraken:

  • Click “funding” on your Kraken homepage.
  • Select the coin from your wallets that you would like to transmit.
  • Login to your Coinbase account and select and copy the address.
  • In your Coinbase account, go to Recipient and type in the address you just obtained.
  • Continue and double-check all of the transaction’s details before completing the send.