How to Transfer from to Coinbase Pro

The platform has become a popular place for crypto traders and investors to buy, sell, and store their cryptocurrencies.

The Coinbase Pro platform is one of the most user-friendly cryptocurrency exchanges on the market today.

In this blog post, we will give you step by step on how to transfer your funds from to Coinbase Pro to make use of all of the features that both platforms have to offer!

Step 1: Go To Accounts

Open your ‘Accounts’ tab on and click on the “+” button.

Step 2: Get Coinbase Pro Address

Click on “New Address” and copy your Coinbase Pro address.

This will be a long string of numbers and letters that you can find by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the screen once you have navigated to your Coinbase Pro “Deposit” page.

Step 3: Click On The “+”

Now you’re going to want to go back to the ‘Accounts’ tab on and click on the “+” next to ‘Bitcoin.’

Once that screen loads, select “1-to-1,” a feature that allows you to directly transfer from one cryptocurrency wallet to another.

Step 4: Paste Your Address

Now paste your Coinbase Pro wallet address into the destination address space, make sure to also input the miner fee included with your transaction (it varies depending on how busy the network is), and click “Next.”

You will now be taken to a confirmation screen where you can verify that all of the information is correct before confirming your transaction.

Please make sure to double-check that everything is correct before submitting this transaction!

Please note: If you are using the Coinbase Pro web interface, you will not be able to paste your wallet address, instead you should manually type it into the destination address space.

Step 5: Confirm

Once all of the information has been verified, click “Confirm.” You will then be taken to a new screen that says ‘Success. Your transfer was submitted.’

Step 6: Check

Within the next hour, you will see an unconfirmed transaction on your account, which means it is waiting to be processed by the network.

You can click on this transaction and press “Confirm” to speed up the confirmation process.

There will also be an option to send that particular transaction instead of waiting for confirmation if you’d like.

Please note that if you decide to send the transaction before confirmation is complete, your funds will not be refunded.

Step 7: Verification

You should see your transaction get verified within the next six blocks (the time varies depending on the blockchain).

If it has not been confirmed after six blocks, you will need to resubmit your transaction with a higher mining fee included in your ‘Accounts’ tab of or wait for the network to unclog.

Sometimes transactions will be unconfirmed for several hours, but once the blockchain is less congested, these transactions should process within an hour or two!

Step 8: Check Coinbase Pro

Once you have confirmed on, the funds will become available to trade on Coinbase Pro within an hour or two.

Once they are available, open your “Transfer Funds” menu and go to the “Deposit” section of Coinbase Pro.

You can now transfer your crypto assets from your account to the Coinbase Pro account by using the same address you used when you sent the funds from to Coinbase Pro!

Please note that if you are not setting up 2FA on your Coinbase Pro account, then your deposit may be placed in Coinbase Pro’s hot wallet, which means they will show up in your account within one hour instead of instantly, depending on the time of day.

How To Move Crypto From to Coinbase Pro

There you have it, your first move from to Coinbase Pro! You have now taken your first step into the world of professional trading, and it should be an enjoyable experience so long as you are careful with your funds.

Always double-check all transaction information before submitting them, look out for scams, and never leave any funds in exchange.