What is Ioc Cryptocurrency?

It is a type of crypto coin that you can use for many functions such as data storage, messaging, and any side-chain function.

It is a user-friendly coin that uses a blockchain ecosystem. It also offers enough privacy for its users by enabling private and public identities; it can encrypt 1MB of AES 256 and also encrypt 256instant messages.

When using IOC cryptocurrency, you will experience an increased capacity of 4MB and shuffle staking features as well.

This cryptocurrency is quite considerate to all its users that even low-weight ones are eligible for rewards.

More Information on IOC Cryptocurrency

Most of the time, I spend my time on the internet, exploring different possibilities that the internet has to offer.

I go through anything that is trending just so that I get the hint of it and how beneficial it can be.

I have gathered enough information that I need to explore digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

My love for technology has made me believe in cryptos because they will sooner take over the digital space.

Even though IOC is not on the same level as cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, they are worth investing in due to what they have to offer.

IOC, just like most crypt coins, grant users independence from the government and banks. Additionally, I am slightly paranoid about financial institutions, the government, and big technologies.

How to Buy IOC

Most crypto investors are aware of IOC cryptocurrency and its ticker symbol IOC. When mining [new coins, it uses proof of work, proof of stake, and X11 algorithm.

Even coin square is not in support of this cryptocurrency. It still has a big community, even if it’s not like the well-known Bitcoin.

One can still manage to purchase it on other marketplaces on other different cryptocurrencies like Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP or fiat currency.

The exchange rate for IOC to Bitcoin is different. Therefore, when you need to purchase any crypto coin, you should consider all cryptocurrency price factors.

Step by Step on how to Buy IOC

It is impossible to purchase IOC directly on coin square but you can alternatively purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum on this platform.

Therefore, the majority of users, when they want to purchase IOC, they either use Bitcoin or Ethereum since coin square does not support IOC.

After that, they can use either of the two to purchase IOC. Here are the steps to follow when you need to buy IOC.

1. Sign up and Verification Process

You will first have to sign up on coin square and verify your account. The verification is important because it enables account managers to plan and execute everything correctly.

In this case, it is to connect the investor’s funds to their respective accounts.

2. Funding your Coinshare Account

You can fund your account using fiat currency using Canadian dollars or Euros.

3. Purchasing the Bitcoin or Ethereum

Up to this point, you understand that coin share does not support IOC. Therefore, you will either use Bitcoin or Ethereum since investors use them widely.

4. Withdraw your Bitcoin or Ethereum

You will need to withdraw your Bitcoin or Ethereum to an altcoin your digital wallet so that it can facilitate the purchase of IOC. This is the last step you will take to acquire IOC coins.


What is IOC Currency?

Here is what you need to know when buying IOC:

  • Coinshare does not support IOC cryptocurrency
  • You will need to purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum first after that, trade them for IOC.
  • Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum are the best-known cryptocurrencies, IOC has a large community