Lightning fast weather forecasts

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Your weather is coming in faster and more accurately with AI now.

And UPS jumps further into the AI game to help defend against porch pirates.

Let’s dig in.

Google GraphCast

The weatherman. The only profession it’s acceptable to be consistently wrong and keep your job. But the latest AI technology from Google’s DeepMind lab might be changing this reality.

GraphCast is the AI model for faster and more accurate global weather forecasting. Folks at DeepMind published an article in Science, explaining the capabilities of this new state-of-the-art AI model that’s capable of making medium-range weather forecasts with unprecedented accuracy. GraphCast predicts weather conditions up to 10 days in advance more accurately and much faster than the industry gold-standard weather simulation system.

GraphCast can also offer earlier warnings of extreme weather events. It can predict the tracks of cyclones with great accuracy further into the future, identify atmospheric rivers associated with flood risk, and predict the onset of extreme temperatures.

The difference in using GraphCast for folks who have to predict the weather is way more accuracy and lots of time saved. 10-day forecasts with GraphCast take less than a minute using a single machine while using the conventional approach can take hours of computation in a supercomputer with hundreds of machines.

This is bigger than just the weather though. Pioneering the use of AI in weather forecasting will benefit billions of people in their everyday lives. However, this technology can help scientists understand the broader patterns of our climate and empower the global community to tackle the most important environmental challenges.


Porch Pirates

With the holiday seasons approaching, sneaky porch pirates will be keeping a close eye on delivery trucks making their way through neighborhoods to ruin the holidays for some unlucky families. But UPS is adopting new technology, powered by AI, to reduce the number of packages stolen off your front porch.

UPS Captial has launched DeliveryDefense, a new predictive analytics solution that enables merchants to assess the level of delivery risk associated with addresses nationwide, empowering them to make informed decisions before shipping. But what does that mean?

Drawing on extensive data sources, DeliveryDefense empowers merchants to select optimal approaches for seamless and successful deliveries, prioritizing the customer experience. In practice, merchants can leverage alternative delivery options such as nearby UPS store locations or other convenient access points for addresses that have been deemed high risk for theft based on historical data.

The solution delivers a confidence score to merchants who have seamless access through a user-friendly API. A high score would mean shipping options are expected to result in successful deliveries while a low score might encourage merchants to utilize options such as in-store pickup to ensure a secure and successful delivery.

Maybe one day we’ll all get a fighting robot for our porch so we don’t have to make a trip to get our deliveries. 🤷🏻‍♂️


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