What is MCC Cryptocurrency?

MCC is an abbreviation of My Credit Chain.
It is mainly for personal credit information and is a blockchain platform.

Features of My Credit Chain

  1. It has a crypto p2p banking infrastructure.
  2. The platform users are expected to use their personal information that will be enforced by the MCC.
  3. Data gathering techniques will be used by MCC to gather data for individual owners.
  4. The collected and gathered data is safely stored, in the blockchain.
  5. The collected data will be under the control of the individual who owns the information.
  6. Data consumers will buy the data gathered in real-time.
  7. The ease of access to the personal credit information of any of the participants is overseen by the MCC.
  8. MCC tokens can be used by individuals, to gain access to the MCC network there use the data available on the network.
  9. Information on both data owners and users of personal credit information is stored, in a market network.
  10. Also, data information will be collected, on both consumers and producers of financial and other products, which will be stored, in the market network.
  11. It explains why MCC is considered a market network.
  12. I think, that MCC fosters a strong relationship of trust among data owners and users grounded on personal credit information.
  13. MCC is crafting an incredible value of lucid trust due to the increased number of users using its network.

What is the worth of an MCC coin worth?

MCC usually is a twenty-four-hour trading volume.
As of today, the magic cube coin price stands at 0.00058436 dollars.

The MCC price does not usually fluctuate as much.
It remains unchanged for a good period.

As an enthusiast of technology, personal finance, and, the web this gives me more reason to invest my time in MCC.

Crypto is slowly taking over the world as people are, trying to navigate these difficult economic times that never seem to change due to bad governance.

Sometimes government, big tech companies, and financial institutions are out to take advantage of the average man.

MCC is giving such people like me a source of income that will help me navigate these difficult economic times.

MCC has a circulating system of its coins has a total supply of over twenty billion.

I highly recommend that if you are looking to buy and sell magic cube coins.

It is vital to search for a good platform.
I use MEXC global because it is secure and is the most active exchange.

MEXC global is also based on a blockchain and has a game asset ecosystem.

What is the best merchant category code for cryptocurrency?

Merchant Category Code is a four-digit number that is usually handed over by your acquirer to you.

The type of products and services provided by a business will be classified by MCC.

Two methods can be used by the cryptocurrency indicators before requests are submitted to the procuring bank.

  • Default values are assigned, to your account.

Cryptocurrency indicators using this method will automatically include transactions that are processed, to your account.

For that to happen, no configuration will be required.

  • Including the cryptocurrency indicator field in your requests manually.
  • This method will permit you to stipulate different values and will happen on a request-by-request basis.

Update your requests using certain specifications.
You will be required to configure your account using this method.


With cryptocurrency hitting all-time prices, it is likely going to have an impact on world economies.

More and more people and major companies are continuing to show their interest in this new industry.
I will advise anyone without a doubt to try out MCC cryptocurrency.