What is NFT poop?

Cryptopoops are NFTs produced at the time of minting on the Ethereum blockchain. They are generated in all shapes and sizes.

Ethereum Smart Contract

Ethereum smart contract will generate programmed unique traits and backstories for anyone’s Cryptopoops.

The traits produced will be stored in the ERC721.

Cryptopoops is uniquely crafted, with more than fifty properties and millions of combinations.

Cryptopoops who joined the game will receive better pricing than an existing game.

Can Cryptopoops be a good Investment?

I think Cryptopoops are a good investment but, only if you take it with some seriousness.

It is not that always that go as planned since the value of NFTs can be pretty skewed.

It is vital to make your judgement since crypto art and any collectables have different meanings to different people.

Is Cryptopoops for real?

Cryptopoops are real and fun to deal with.

As a young man who is fascinated by technology, personal finance and the web.

 I believe crypto will cause a revolution in the future.

Having some independence and autonomy from harsh government and bank policies will be good since it gives the average man an upper hand.

What do I do with my Cryptopoops?

As long as to own the said, Cryptopoops you have the liberty to do whatever you want with them.

You can display them on your profile.

You can even decide to place them in ERC-20s so that you can use them in Defi.

I resell them at a profit on the open sea and, I have never regretted it.

Cryptopoops have now added a feature that gives developers the ability to build and develop games under any genre, for instance, gambling games.

What is it that makes Cryptopoops different?

Cryptopoops are the best in the NFTs market since they are produced for fun!

Personally, it is the best experience that I can ever think of.

Cryptopoops can now be mint, burned and mutated by third-party developers on the owner’s behalf.

Can you, as an upcoming developer, build exciting things using Cryptopoops?

An improvement with the smart contract has made it possible for to people build and develop on top of Cryptopoops in diverse and different new ways.

You can now be allowed to mutate your DNA.

With the new systems put in place, they can now even represent you to the original mint and, they will be to burn mechanics by themselves.

What does this mean with the unpredictable amount of new apps and economic apps?

Well, I won’t lie, it is going to be interesting.

These will cause excitement in the market dynamics as more and more developers emerge with their innovations.

Some of the new ideas that I think will come up.

  • To lower the supply, a system that can burn two commons at the same time.
  • Use the same minting code to your pile of poo.
  • New traits that can go live even after their launch.
  • To increase the gamble where losing burns your Cryptopoops.

How much does Cryptopoops cost?

Since poops will be available for everyone, it would be slightly cheaper for early adopters since they are given top priority before anyone else.

Cryptopoops will likely be able to plough back your initial capital invested.

Where can I trade Cryptopoops securely?

There are platforms I trust, for instance, Open Sea.

Cryptopoops observe to ERC-721 standard and, therefore, you can trade on them.


Cryptopoops are generally adorable, and I consider them to be a gateway to the average man to lift themselves in the tight economic standards created by the world. I can advise most of you to think of trying Cryptopoops in the new future.

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