What Is Star Atlas Crypto Game?

Star Atlas crypto game is a futuristic space-themed multiplayer video game based on blockchain technology.

Based on the Solana blockchain, the game takes the players on a journey to space, searching for valuable NFT-gems and territories to conquer.

Here is an insightful sneak peek into the crypto game.

Star Atlas Gameplay

Star Atlas is a virtual massive multiplayer metaverse grand strategy game involving space exploration and space ship simulation.

You operate in an expansive lonely Star Atlas universe with the primary goal of building or stabilizing galactic civilizations.

The player can build micro-economies, construct cities and even form decentralized autonomous organizations, DAO, to rule certain regions.

It is, however, not that simple. There are enemies to be defeated, protectorates to defend, and perilous territories to explore.

Factions in Star Atlas

To start your adventure on the Star Atlas, you need to be a citizen of a faction.

There are three main factions, each faction representing a different ideology in geopolitics.

The ideology influences your activities and goals in the intergalactic scramble for political domination.

The three factions are:

  1. The MUD Territory: Inhabited and controlled by human beings.
  2. The Oni region: Is the home of a ‘consortium of alien races.’
  3. The Ustur Sector: Inhabited by sentient androids.

Star Atlas Game Genre

The exploration and conquering offer a satisfactory grand-strategy experience, while territorial control provides a healthy dose of role-playing.

In addition to this, you get to manage spaceships, vehicles and other assets.

Even better, it has mining operations to satiate the mining interests of its crypto-loving gamers.

How does Star Atlas compare with other MMO games?

MMOs require you to play repetitive tasks and have an incentive curve that makes it easy to lose interest, either due to monotony or fatigue.

The Star Atlas, on the other hand, is based on a skill tree system.
With this, you allocate time and resources to activities and exploits that suit your personal goals or the goals of your faction.

That way, multi-account congestion, and player fatigue are greatly minimized.

Star Atlas’ blockchain network

The augmented reality crypto game runs on the Solana blockchain network.

It is among the fastest blockchain systems, with a transaction speed of 50,000 transactions per second.

Solana is also among the safest censorship-free blockchain networks for building decentralized applications.

Its transaction fees average of $0.00025 per transaction is among the most affordable as well.

The Star Atlas game mimics the mining and staking mechanics of blockchain.

You use mining and staking to get legitimate in-game assets to use in the game.

The crypto network allows you to secure the network by creating mining and staking nodes.

Star Atlas in-game Currencies

The Star Atlas economy runs on the ATLAS token, which you need to leverage to acquire a non-fungible token, NFT, items like a land, spaceship, and other essentials.

While ATLAS remains the native token for the platform, there is the governance token, POLIS.

You need to own a POLIS token to influence the decision of Star Atlas developers.

You can purchase POLIS during the first Galactic Asset Offering (GAO) or receive them as a reward when you stake your tokens.

What is Star Atlas Crypto Game?

Thinking of the Star Atlas crypto game? Here are the eight key points you need to know:

  1. It is a futuristic space exploration metaverse multiplayer crypto game set in 2620.
  2. You have three factions to choose from, and your choice influences your activities.
  3. The aim is political domination and asset acquisition.
  4. Uses skill tree system, which reduces monotony and fatigue
  5. It runs on the Solana Blockchain network.
  6. ATLAS token is the platform’s native token.
  7. You can influence developer decisions using POLIS tokens.
  8. Mining and staking earn you token rewards.