The AI Dentist Will See You Now

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AI is here to stay and it’s being adopted across various industries faster than you can count a mess of pigs. (It’s a “mess” right?) Speaking of pigs, we’ve got AI pig monitoring, dental visits get a makeover, and an AI scam we all need to watch out for.

Let’s dig in.

It’s probably a long time before you have a WALL-E look-a-like dentist. However, AI has the potential to revolutionize how dentists do their work behind the scenes to provide patients with better care and diagnosis.

Boston based VideaHealth has ambitions to not only help dentists identify those pesky cavities more efficiently but also be able to point out risks for non-oral health issues. VideaHealth’s CEO told CBS News that he wants to be the first AI company in the world to diagnose or analyze a billion people globally. 🤓

The AI tech behind VideaHealth analyzes anonymized dental X-ray images and identifies patients for potential treatment based on their screenings. Given the AI tool incorporates a database of millions of images that have been annotated by dentists, it enables faster more accurate diagnosis and ultimately enhances the quality of dental care.

VideaHealth’s CEO notes additional benefits as:

Accelerating the diagnostic abilities of a new or recent graduate in a dental practice or an older dentist who might be susceptible to mistakes by the human eye as eyesight worsens.

Removing bias against patients based on race, health, or socioeconomic status.

Our layman’s take: Dentists will use AI algorithms to make faster and more accurate diagnoses of patient care that is needed. It will also enable dentists to spot signs of potential risks for non-oral diseases more effectively.

AI in Farming?

Just when you think AI applications can’t get any weirder, insert AI cameras monitoring pigs. These new cameras detect different pigs in a certain pen and monitor their activity, feeding habits, and even weight! (keep those cameras out of my kitchen, please. But you know it’s coming, right?) This allows farmers to provide individual care and also take a pig to market at the correct weight.

And what about robot-milking cows am I right? True story. The robot can autonomously hook itself up to a cow’s udders and simultaneously track how much milk it produces along with important health metrics. The data this AI application intakes can help farmers adjust a cow’s diet to ensure optimal nutritional intake. And delicious milk for growing kiddos and baby calves of course. 🙂 

Weeds in the grass and garden are a weekend warrior’s nightmare. But doubly miserable for farmers. New spraying technology allows a machine to roll through a field and identify what is a weed a what is a crop – weeds get herbicides, crops don’t – we eat organic food. Win-win.

Our layman’s take: AI is going to optimize every facet of life. Farming and agriculture will not be left out. We will be able to depend on AI-type solutions for healthier food production and long-term, hopefully, lower food costs through efficiencies with AI.


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Voice-Cloning Scam

As we’ve discussed before, there are going to be a lot of bad actors that use AI to harm people. And recently some folks in San Antonio, TX were unfortunately targets of a “voice-cloning” scam used by AI technology to convince susceptible targets to wire money to what they thought was a family member in need.

How this works is these evil idiots find some video of you talking on social media. They only need a few seconds of the video. They then clone your voice to an algorithm that’s programmed to be able to respond to inquiries and ultimately have a conversation with whoever is on the other end of the line.

One man thought his grandson was calling to let him know he’d been in a car wreck, had injured a pregnant woman, and was in jail. The man went to the bank to wire money to an “attorney.” Luckily the teller at the bank smelled a scam and she encouraged him to call his grandson to double check. But others have not been so lucky and these scammers are stealing thousands of dollars from innocent people.

So how do you plan ahead to avoid being a victim?

As much as we all might love a good social media post, it could be time to cool it down. Especially videos with your voice until there’s a better solution to stop scammers.

Have a safe word or code word with all your friends and family

Spread the word about these possible scammers. Educate people to do the same with their families.


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