3 Best Upcoming NFT Games

NFT games are proving to be the next big thing in the gaming category because they present their players with the opportunity to earn while playing.

As a player, once you get to play these games, you will realize just how much interesting they are.

Most internet users are gaining profits by just playing these games and the value of NFT games keeps rising day by day.

The games also offer low entry prices to gamers and therefore, this becomes one of the biggest reasons behind the NFT game’s popularity.

Also, since these games are blockchain-powered, they create a whole new era in the gaming world.

3 Most Popular Upcoming NFT Games

Since NFT games are usually blockchain-powered, they aid in developing the gaming economy through the lucrative awards that they receive.

Gamers will realize that most of the free-to-play NFT games will guarantee them a 3+ digit percentage as a return on investment.

In this article, you will find some of the most popular NFT games. They are available in different categories such as free-to-play, earn-to-play, and many other blockchain NFT games. Read on to find out.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is under the category of play-to-earn that uses the Ethereum blockchain.

It possesses a reliable transactional solution known as Ronin as it charges no fees at all. It is possible for users to trade an axis on the Ethereum NFT marketplaces which is also very popular.

This game has been made fun and entertaining that one can spend hours to enjoy themselves.

Axies have varying prices because they have different traits and rarity.

As a gamer, in order for you to start playing this game, you need to acquire at least three axies.

2. Sandbox 3D

Sandbox is turning to be a very popular NFT game because it trades and creates numerous virtual assets in its platform.

As a player in this game, you are free to monetize and customize any voxel objects present in Sandbox 3D.

You are also at liberty to manipulate your fella’s games since the platform offers you different tools that you can use for customizing.

Just like most popular NFT games, Sandbox has a feature that allows players to sell objects in the marketplaces.

This game makes you be aware of the game and how you can win before you invest in it. It involves a lot thus a player must be ready to go extra

The game uses ERC-20 coin and SAND ass its metaverse’s native. When a player is in possession of these coins, he can buy a wide range of products that the game offers.

3. Idle Cyber

In the category of best play to earn, this game tops the list. The developers of the game know how to capture the attention of gamers.

Thus, they create interesting characters and unique weapons.

A gamer is only able to earn idle cyber tokens if they are able to create a strong defense on the wall using Cyber Defence Team.

You are also free to resell your assets to willing buyers at a price.

The unique feature of this NFT game is that there are limitless levels you can play on this game and that gives you unlimited potential to acquire NFT tokens that you can exchange for money.


3 Best Upcoming NFT Games

Looking for the best most popular upcoming NFT game? Here are 3 games to look at:

  • Axies Infinity
  • Sandbox 3D
  • Idle Cyber