What Does Coinbase Pro Do?

Coinbase pro and coin brace are popular exchanges in the cryptocurrency field from coinbase organizations.

They allow you to purchase various currencies using currencies like dollars, euros, and sterling pounds.

Coinbase is mostly preferred by beginners to help them around with their trade while coin base pro provides advanced options of trading mostly wanted by pro users.

What does Coinbase Pro Do?

Although the two cryptocurrencies are owned by the same organization, they tend to offer different trading platforms.

Coinbase Pro is for the pro-level traders who base the work on active trading, unlike coinbase where its main aim is meant to introduce fresh investors and help them make their first trading activity.

If you think you are a good trader and qualified for the coin base pro why not make that next step?

Here are 5 reasons why I think you should upgrade to the coinbase pro-level platform.

1. Difference in Their Features

Coin base provides a rich feature required most by investors and coin base pro hands that to you, unlike coin base which is centered on new features for traders.

Being a user with the pro level, you get to experience advanced features recommended for qualified traders like the real-time tools for chatting that come with moving averages.

You also enjoy options more options like limit order and stop orders and not just receiving transactions and buying and selling as coin base does.

2. Supported Currencies

Both platforms support the exchange of different currencies you’ve heard of. They offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies varieties however, some of the best crypto exchanges lack in coin base but exist in coin base pro.

3. Security

Coin base pro allows 98 percent of funds from customers to be stored safely in a deposit box known as cold storage.

This works after creating a strong and secure password for your safety. The outstanding 2 percent remains and is used for the insurance policy that covers any cyber security cases.

4. Fee

The two platforms have different fee structures. Coinbase tends to be expensive as it gives a higher amount charged on a variable fee or flat rates depending on the location and payment method while the pro coin base use tiers with high currency transaction which comes with a lower cost.

Coin base pro allows you to avoid access fees as the charges can quickly rise.

5. Ease of Use

Even though both platforms come with a mobile user-friendly application, the fact that the coin base is more simple makes it a beginner’s choice.

It only supports buying and selling to help you quickly invest. With coin base pro, it seems impossible at first but once you start playing around the platform you get to understand the advanced reporting and information.

With people familiar with crypto trading, coin base pro produces advanced options suited just for you.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for advanced trading activities, it means you are already a pro and have experienced trading activities in the coin base.

Although a bit confusing, you get to save tons of cash fee using them for more trading. The five reasons to move to a pro-level coin base include;

The difference in features between the two platforms.

Currencies they support
Security offered
Fee charges

How easy it is to use.

Coinbase pro gives you a safe and easier way to not only sell and buy but also to trade online advanced digital resources across different trade pairs. Try this platform today and I bet you won’t regret it.